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City photo telling is an urban game along the streets of the city to know Matera from different points of view. The participants are involved to play and to discover the secrets and legends of Matera with lots of fun. The game's rules provide two or more groups of participants: - Each team has to make the phototelling of the city getting information from citizens; - Each team has to post five photos on social media accounts related to the story they want to tell; - The urban game last less than three hours. The most beautiful and original phototelling will win! The offer includes a custom T-shirt (City Photo Telling), bottles of water, a map of the city with the highlights points and the game's regulation. The offer doesn't include the entrance for museums and touristic attractions (optional), photo cameras and internet connection (each participant has to use his smartphone and facebook profile).

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Start period: 01-05-2016
End period: 31-10-2016

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