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The holy celebrations are not the only feature of the Maltese folklore, but Nadur Carnival is unique among all the other European manifestations of Carnival. The days between 13th and 17th February ferries load of young Maltese and visitors will cross at sunset in Gozo for the "annual pilgrimage" of masked fun, for an alternative, Spontaneous Carnival - not organized by any committee - thronged of a multitude of masked and hooded creatures, wearing all kinds of grotesque or macabre costumes. Dressing up is taken very seriously when it comes to comical fun to be had at this unstructured carnival street party, so party people and tricksters start getting creative. From a purely "Nadur Affair" - the carnival was a well-kept secret around a decade or so ago - has become a very Maltese occasion, with a consistent flux of visitors that keeps alive the Gozo tourism and the hospitality sector in the winter months.

Victoria - Rabat: The Citadel


The Citadel is visible from almost all the Gozo Island, rising steeply above the surrounding countryside. Built at a perfect strategic vantage point, it defiantly dominates the skyline exactly as intended by the military architects who built it. A visit to the Citadel should not be missed.

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