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Now that you have arrived in Malta you have to see it by sea: it is not by chance, in fact, that the island hosts some of the most astonishing sandy beaches, rocky caves, bays and lagoons of the Mediterranean! Fortunately, beginning a sea adventure on boat is not difficult in various fabulous areas of Malta, Gozo and Comino - where it is strongly recommended have a stop to swimming and snorkelling - but there is any memorable way to appreciate the shapeliness of the coastline than from the advantage point of a quaint Luzzu, the more traditional and photogenic fishing row-boat of Malta. Many rainbow-hued and eyed Luzzi (the eye was a good-luck symbol for the Egyptian/Phoenician mythology to ward off evil) still have a mast and sail, and are mostly docked on the natural harbours of the island - as the famous fishermen's village of Marsaxlokk, well-known for its lively weekly fish market on Sunday.

Marsaxlokk Sunday Fish Market

Marsaxlokk waterfront

The fishing village of Marsaxlokk is is the premier fishing port on the island. On Sunday mornings (from early morning till around 12.30 a.m.) the fish remains on the harbour side and the fishermen turn salesmen and knock out their produce to the shoppers. The market is very attractive and colourful as different fish and seafood from the Mediterranean are displayed here and prices are cheaper than in the shops.

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