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When the sun sets on Malta another side of the island comes to life, every stone has a story to tell and every place has a legend! In an island that has always been home to many people, seamen, exiles, looters - as well as the reign of the Knights - fact and legend are intertwined to stimulate the imagination as much as the eye... Walking through its haunted streets at night-time, a mysterious and sinister Valletta will disclose many ghost stories about murders, executions, conspiracies and earthbound spirits still looking for eternal peace or vengeance! A nocturnal tour, otherwise, will render you all the mysticism and history of Birgu, going around the famous "Collacchio" where the Knights dwelled - or through chapels, monasteries, hospitals and fortified castles of a city that was the official seat of the Inquisition. Lastly, a cultural tour will take you around the narrow alleys of the old medieval Capital City of Mdina, discovering the important baroque buildings the Knights have left through fascinating tales and historical gossip - or admiring the amazing scenery of Malta by night from the "Belvedere".


Valletta historic centre

Valletta, Malta's capital city, has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1980 for its Outstanding Universal Value. In 2016, Valletta will be celebrating its 450th anniversary, one year before Malta assumes the Presidency of the European Union, thus preparing to take up the title of 2018 European Capital of Culture (ECoC).

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