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Sustainable eco-tourism means get to experience the history and traditions, art and culture, food and agriculture and natural diversity of the places we visit through educational, enjoyable and eco-friendly tours promoting local, social and economic touristic development. If you are planning a weekend discovering Malta, Merill Eco Tours (a social enterprise specializing in green tourism and sustainable development) proposes walking routes that combine nature, culture and tradition in order to fully convey the inner heritage of the Maltese islands to the visitors and to include the local community in the conservation of the rural environment. The eco-friendly excursions - with highly qualified ecoguides - provide easy trekking in the middle of the island entirely devoted to nature lovers; and promote - at the same time - local products, directly in the farms involved as partner of the tour, giving visitors the possibility to discover the growing and working processes; to taste and buy different types of wine, olive oil, cheese, jam and honey encouraging people to get in touch with the rural areas and to be responsible of its safety.

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