Amalfi coast

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Picking up the products for yourself from the garden and preparing it with a local chef makes you feel like being a part of this city. You can not say to have fully enjoyed the atmosphere of Furore if you do not taste the typical products of this land, the mountain little tomatoes, the potatoes dug up from the earth, the olive oil and the aromatic herbs, which are used in the most famous recipes in Furore that you cannot miss, flying squids with potatoes.


Via Sasso fra Gerardo, 4F, 84010 Scala SA

The peace and quiet of Scala is what makes this towns so charming. Along with its beautiful setting in the mountains above Amalfi and convenient location just across a pretty valley from Ravello. While nearby Ravello attracts most of the tourists, the town of Scala has much to offer visitors, especially those interested in exploring, hiking and experiencing daily life on the Amalfi Coast.

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