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In the country that has "baked" the most pizza makers in the world was made the most famous celebration in Italy of the authentic dish. It is said that from Tramonti came the pizza offered to King Umberto I of Bourbon's wife, Queen Margherita, to which the ingenious invention is dedicated. But this event is not just a gastronomic event. The "masters" of the pizza have the opportunity to share their experience even in the days before the festival, with cultural events on the history of pizza. On 8th and 9th August, the "theory" gives way to "practice" and heated wood ovens are built for the occasion, from the beginning of the party celebrating with music, dancing and drinking so much wine!


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Far away from the frenzy mundane life, Tramonti is the ideal place where you can find quietness and well being among the ?Lattari mountains?. As its name tells, it is surrounded by woods but what makes its landscape unique, is the alternation of mountain with sea views, and along an irregular line, its lemon terraced cultivations with olive groves, vineyards, chestnut groves, and all this makes this town similar to a painter?s palette. Echoes of a Medieval past survive in the ruins of castles, towers and churches. Nature has been really generous with Tramonti, because its fertile soil produces all the typical products of the Amalfi Coast. Besides wines famous at an international level, dairy products, chestnuts, spelt, honey, the delicious ?concerto? liquor, made from aromatic herbs, Tramonti has helped pizza to become popular all over the world (together with its famous toasted bread). Pizza makers from Tramonti are more than three thousand in the world. Of the old artisan tradition of plaited basket hand-making in Tramonti, a market still exists today. Working the young chestnut plants, stems are obtained which, baked into the oven, are transformed into thin rushes under clear knife shots. Then you can go on shaping the frame of these thick plaited branches, thus creating typical oval shapes...

Orsini Tower

Via Chiunzi, 89 Tramonti SA 84010

Like the most classical treasure hunt, the history of Tramonti is made of adventurous pathways and century old defence structures which were built to preserve the magnificence of this land. On the natural pass linking the Vesuvius countryside with the Amalfi Coast, for example Orsini Tower rose, it was built in the 15th century by the feudal lord of that time, Raimondo Orsini. Point of contact between two different and however so close horizons, this tower has undergone, like all ?its colleagues?, the inevitable damages of the passing of time being so often merciless with the oldest buildings. Today the Orsini Tower has gained its old splendour again, but this time as metaphorical bridge between the past and the present, showing itself to the public as a modern accommodation structure, redesigned following the plan of what it was in the past. We have above spoken about a treasure, at the beginning of this journey, and the treasure can be found by those who decide to go on a trekking excursion along the High Pathway in the Lattari Mountains. And here you will discover, at any steps of this pathway, a number of small luminous nuggets of a paradise on earth called Amalfi Coast.

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