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Walk without gps, without Internet connection and wander between small streets of Mehdia old town ? Medina. With a map in your hand walk around and complete tasks in different places of Medina. It?s your private journey with a goal to have some fun!


35.503671, 11.068237

Medina (old town) is a dinky little place of whitewashed traditional houses, narrow lanes and colorful washing flapping between windows. A wander here is the perfect way to soak up the seaside character of this quaint town. The Medina hasn't been trussed up for tourists and so there aren't the many souvenir stores here but its backwater atmosphere is part of Mahdia Medina's charm. Instead this is a traditional district, the heart and soul of a town where locals still live.

Bordj el Kabir

33.883931, 10.861008

The mammoth square hulk of the Bordj el Kebir sits just a short distance along the seafront from the Great Mosque. Built in 1595, this grand fortress is commandingly situated on the peninsula's highest point.

Black gate

35.504055, 11.069814

The entrance to Mahdia's Medina (old town) is through the mighty Skifa el Kahla (Black Gate), sometimes also called Bab Zouila. The gatehouse, with its 44 m long entrance passage, was formerly incorporated in the 175 m long town walls that crossed the peninsula. The present gate is not the original Fatimid structure, having been rebuilt in 1554 using stone from the Fatimid fortress after the Spanish destroyed Mahdia. Of the original round towers on polygonal bases, which stood at the north and south ends of the wall, there remain only stumps at the north end.

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