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Seeking to see places in a different and playful way ? treasure hunting game is for you. You will search for hidden treasure all around the city centre by visiting must to see monuments. Avoid usual tours, play with us ant get know about the Matera city. We will provide you a map and hints to find the treasure.

Church San Pietro Barisano

Rione S. Biagio, 52, 75100 Matera

The Church of San Pietro Barisano is a perfect example of the architecture typical of the Sassi: the fašade is made of tufa, but the interior has been almost entirely hollowed out. Below this church is an ancient honeycomb of niches where corpses were placed for draining, while at the entrance level are 15th- and 16th-century frescoes. The empty frame of the altarpiece graphically illustrates the town's troubled recent history: the church was plundered when Matera was partially abandoned in the 1960s and ?70s.

Church San Pietro Caveoso

Piazza S. Pietro Caveoso, 1, 75100 Matera

The only church in the sassi not dug into the tufa rock, Chiesa di San Pietro Caveoso was originally built in 1300 and has a 17th-century Romanesque-baroque facade.

Matera Cathedral

Piazza Duomo, 75100 Matera

It is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Matera, Basilicata, Italy. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary under the designation of the Madonna della Bruna and to Saint Eustace.The building is Apulian-Romanesque and its exterior provides a rich tapestry of greatly symbolic references to the spiritual life of the times. The main fašade looks out over the valley of the Sasso Barisano and there is a statue of the Madonna della Bruna, the city?s patron sain.

Tibetan bridge

40.666627, 16.614226

It is a chance to see Matera from the other side and enjoy walking above Torrente Gravina river. From the Sassi you can make a hiking tour to Murgia to see the ancient caves and you will cross the Tibetan bridge.

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