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White Shark Travel offers an unforgettable experience to discover another face of Alexandria Egypt through a fascinating journey through ancient ruins buried by water. The tour operator organizes a series of dives for all tourists eager to "immerse themselves" not only ideally but also physically in classical culture. It will be possible to revive the places where, for example, Marco Antonio used to meet Cleopatra, or the beautiful ruins of the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Tourists will also be introduced gradually on this trip thanks to a highly qualified staff that will take care of them from the landing at the port of Alexandria, where a driver will be responsible for taking visitors directly from the exit of their ship, until the return. Dives will be preceded by a brief introduction by an experienced instructor, who will join travellers for the duration of the tour, while at the end of tour you can taste some dishes on the ship.

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Start period: 02-04-2017
End period: 31-10-2017

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