This experience lasts 2 hours

Private day tour visiting the highlights of Alexandria; The Catacombs, Roman Theater, Alexandria Library, Lights House, El Montazha Palace and Pompys Pillar. Lunch is also included. It will includes New library (the biggest library in the world), the Palaces of Farouk, Pompys Pillar, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Open Air Museum for sunken, then visit the Catacombs that dates back to 3rd century, the statue of Alexander the great and drive along the Corniche to see the whole city passing over bridge.

Library of Alessandria

Alexandria Governorate 21526, Egiptas

The Library of Alexandria, which was rebuilt from 1974 to commemorate the ancient way of the city library destroyed in antiquity, is one of the most important cultural centers of the Mediterranean Sea. Its structure, facing the sea and the vague shape of a sundial, the outside is covered with inscriptions and letters in almost all languages of the world, to reflect the importance and the multicultural spirit of the library. Inside, it has a shelf space for eight million books and an area reserved for the reading room covering 70,000 square meters distributed on eleven levels. The complex includes a conference center, areas for the blind, children and youth, three museums, four art galleries, a planetarium and a laboratory for the restoration of manuscripts.

The Greek-Roman Museum

Al Mesallah Sharq, Qesm Al Attarin, Alexandria Governorate, Egiptas

The Greek-Roman Museum was founded in 1892 and initially directed by Italian archeologists, like Giuseppe Botti, Evaristo Breccia and Achille Adriani, who contributed greatly to enrich its collections. The property is situated in the center of the city of Alexandria and consists of 27 rooms and gardens, where more than forty thousand archaeological finds are displayed, as Hellenic statues, busts of Roman emperors, sarcophagi, mummies, Tangara figurines and artifacts belonging to the first era of Christianity. The artefacts, dating from 331 BC (Founding of the city of Alexandria) to 640 (Arab conquest), are arranged chronologically in different sections arranged clockwise to suffer from the entrance.

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Start period: 29-10-2016
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